Services & Capabilities
Immunogenicity, Bioanalytical & Cell Assays

Immunogenicity, biomarkers, and cell assays are important considerations in safety evaluations. BRT designs and validates approaches for testing immunogenicity and identification of biomarkers. Tools include immunoassays, bioanalytical techniques, and cell-based assays.

Models & Applications

  • Immunogenicity testing and assay development
  • Cell-based assays
  • Complement, cytokine and biomarker analyses

Assays & Platforms

  • Immunoassay development/ validation/ implementation
  • T-cell function and proliferation
  • Vaccine efficacy
    • Anti-vaccine antibody responses
    • Hemagglutination assays
  • ADCC / ADCP / CDC and cell-based assays
  • Cell-based neutralization assays
  • PBMC isolation and evaluation
  • ELISA (absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, electrochemiluminescence)
  • ELISpot
  • Flow cytometry
  • Multiplex technologies
  • Meso Scale Discovery (MSD)
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